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Goat Built Design and Engineering manufactures DIY full-size off-road rock crawler chassis tube kits. Goat Built is not just a name, we’re enthusiasts, engineers, with real engineering degrees backed with over 15 years of rock crawling, rock racing and off-road industry design and manufacturing experience.  We don’t copy other products we originate new innovative products and ideas.  We are committed to drive the off-road industry forward with innovation and professional customer service.

Goat Built is the culmination of over 15 years of off-road suspension, chassis and component design and manufacturing. Founder Drew Burroughs (aka GOAT1) has been an industry innovator from his roots designing shocks and axles at Sway-A-Way, suspension kits at Full-Traction Suspension then co-founding and creating all the products of Poly Performance Mfg/Synergy Suspension. Drew graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2000 earning a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Drew’s off-road experience spans 20 years of four wheeling in Moab, The Hammers, Rubicon trail and driving in multiple King of the Hammers races, Baja 1000 and BITD races.

After building the “Coolest Jeep Ever” and 4WOR magazine’s “Fun Buggy” for Fred Williams, Drew saw  the need to market a do-it-yourself rock buggy chassis kit. There was a gap in the market between the home built rock buggy and the professionally built rock buggy. This gap spawned the creation of the IBEX Do-It-Yourself chassis kit.  “Not every one has the time, tools or experience to design and build a custom rock buggy chassis that works out of the box.” The IBEX DIY chassis kit is the fastest, easiest, most affordable way to build a capable rock buggy that works.  The IBEX DIY chassis kit is 100% CAD designed by real engineers, precision laser notched and NC mandrel  bent shipped to you on a pallet.