Goat Built Ibex Chassis Featured on Spike’s Extreme 4×4

Set your DVR’s  and check out Spike TV next Saturday and Sunday Dec 8 and 9 as Ian from Extreme 4×4 and Drew from Goat Built build a 4-seat Ibex chassis kit.   Stay tuned for the rest of the season as Ian finishes the rock crawler.



  1. Brad Williamson says:

    How much does a IBEX 2 SEAT CHASSIS kit cost?

  2. Jim McMickle says:

    I see that the complete tube kit is $7000. How much more do the other things cost that are needed like the int.kit and dash and the other things that would be purchased through you and your company to complete this buggy? Also I live in the rural parts of eastern Arkansas. Everything here is tied into farming in one way or another if you know what I mean. I have a body shop and have had since 1987 here after my family quit its farming operations. Soback to thew questions What type of payload capity do you think this buggy would have? What size is the rear compartment on the 4 seat buggy? I am thinking maybe some sort of spray rig that would go through the feilds and put out chemicals. I have often looked for something to do with all of my welding cutting and fabbing equipment to sell to the farmers that not only could help them but make me some money as well. What do you think one of these buggies would sell for completed? Thanks, Jim M&M Diesel

    • Hi Jim, the complete kit is in the $7500 ballpark and includes the link brackets and links. The will get you almost everything I make just add your parts like Engine, axles, shocks, seats, etc.

      You will have at least $20K in one of these by the time you’re done, all depends on the the cost of axles, engine, tires etc

      The payload is up to you and the springs you choose, but could be a 1/2 ton easily

  3. What does the bare two seat chassis weigh

  4. I was wondering if you could send me exactly everything that comes with the two seat buggy and approximate cost

  5. Jason Stone says:

    yes i would like to have a price list as well… does that have every thing on the price list

  6. clint coggins says:

    hi i was wondering if you could send me a price list of your chassis kits. thank you

  7. Jeff Myers says:

    I would like a price list of your chassis kits please. and thanks

  8. Richard Rhodes says:

    would like a price sheet also on a 2 seat buggy kit,please.

  9. Doug young says:

    I would like a complete price list

  10. Dave Pez says:

    Hi Drew, Can I please get a complete price list emailed though thanks and also can the fire wall and steering setup be supplied to suit right hand drive as im in Australia? Cheers!

  11. Jaime Muna Castro says:

    Just watched the episode when Ian completed the buggy. COOL!!!

  12. Jaime Muna Castro says:

    Just watched the episode when Ian completed the buggy, COOL!!! Both look and perform amazing. I have a 91 YJ that I have been trying to get back on and off road for some time now. Would your link kits work on it? Not a welder ands that is why it’s still in the garage. Any response would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    • Jaime, I dont think my link kits would work on your YJ, there would be too much work to get you there that’s it may not be worth it, there are quite a few other brands out there that will work better for you

  13. Hi,
    A few months ago I asked if you had any plans to build a smaller chassis that a 4 cyl and toyota axles would work well in… Any updates? I could use a winter project.

    Thanks in advance


    • Hi David, I have plans in the works to make a smaller, more budget friendly chassis kit based on a 4 cyl and Toy axles. Are you looking for a 4-seat or 2-seat?

      • Good morning,
        I’m looking for a 2 seat chassis, somewhere in the 102″-106″ wheelbase range, running 36″-38″ tires on a 15″ wheels w/2″ backspacing.
        I would prefer 4 link F&R but a 3 link front would be ok.

        My current setup is a sami based truggy, on toy axles with a 106″ wheelbase on 38’s. The rear is 4 linked using front TJ coils and the front is still leaf sprung with 1.5″ SOA YJ springs. As far as the drive train goes. I’m running a 1.6L 16v mated to a 3 speed auto, dual T-cases, custom front case and the rear case is a toy top shift.

        I’ve been wheeling the rig pretty hard (GOOGLE “Zuks on the Rocks”, mine is the tan Tin Top) over the last 7-8 years and frankly the body and frame aren’t worth anymore modifications.

        So, please keep me informed of the progress you are making on a smaller chassis and I’ll go ahead and call “dibs” on the first one.


        • David, We still have plans for a smaller Zuki/Toy based buggy. Just starting the design and your input is appreciated. check the website and or Facebook page for updates.

          • I am also very interested in a light weight chassis.

            A setup for 22re, W56, dual cases would be awesome.

            Any teasers you could share? =)

  14. I want to use a 4 cyclimder like a Honda and use the trans mission and weld the spole into full time locker cand I get a locker made to solver that problem use the right and left out put od the drive it would be cool plus go fast parts are in be supply turbos and nos so whats your thought

  15. Walter Thompson says:

    I would like to get a price on the 4 seat chassis, also I would like to know if a different suspension set up like leaf spring. I am a student at Alfred State and I will be taking a motorsports technology course next year so modification on a small part will not be a problem.

    • Hi Walter, I will email you a price. I never really designed it for leaf springs, but have looked into it. It would work, but you would have to fabricate some mounts for them.

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