Goat Built is Partnering with Kenny Blume to Build a 4130 Ibex-2 Ultra 4 Racer

Press Release

“I wanna go FAST!!!!”

Kenny/Branden Blume partner with GoatBuilt!

Those of you who know me realize my first comps involved some considerable speed.  I had a mud drag car in my early 20’s.  It generated 160mph tire speed in the first five feet, would literally launch, run and accelerate across open water.  I ran the indoor race circuit in the northeast and I was third in points in the nation in my final year.

I sold it when I moved to FL….. and after moving to AR, later started competing again with a built CJ7…. The first couple years had a mix of grass roots multi-faceted courses, some rocks and some go fast, we held our own.

Soon we focused on national crawling, and were gaining some notoriety.  In 2007, we started running our dedicated PRO MOD crawler in some fast events…. We did ok, even got a few podiums, but we were bringing a V6, “low range only” knife to a gun fight…… so we went back to crawling again, what the Comp Jeep was designed to do….

But fast forward to 2012…. And we had the itch…. So late in the season…. We decided to build a second race vehicle for the team to campaign…. A dedicated go fast… done on a reasonable budget.  We learned long ago that it makes no sense to “Save money” on parts that will probably break…. Often wiping out more parts in the process.  So the idea is to spend wisely…. Reliable, well designed parts, but within reach of our pockets.  Having designed and built 5 competitive race cars over the years, we also know the value of time…. Designing systems/components to work in harmony and the time to source all those components and do the homework to make sure they will play nice together….. so we turned to Drew Burroughs and GoatBuilt, a leading designer/manufacturer as they had done much of the work for us.

Goatbuilt has 3 different levels of their IBEX chassis, aka “Buggy in a box” in both two seat and 4 seat versions.  We elected to go with the complete kit, minimizing my design and fab time to complete the racer.   It’s a well-designed, (solidworks) professionally manufactured kit with matched components that will save countless hours and $ in the build of this car (look for a build thread soon).  Drew with his Engineering degree, leans in the direction of form over function in a time where structure and geometry are often compromised in favor of sexy lines.  The car is plenty appealing, but more importantly, it will work correctly, perform reliably and survive the rigors (and mistakes) of racing.  As a working man, with a social life (Single and dating) my time and money is important to me.  I want to be able to enjoy other things…. Minimize wasted time and money building the car, and finish with a car that’s reliable and needs minimal periodic maintenance between events.  I want to RACE not WRENCH.  GoatBuilt IBEX chassis Kits are the ultimate solution….. and mine should be arriving just in time for Christmas!

Stay tuned to Pirate 4×4 for the build thread!


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