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Ibex: “They’re kind of the Brahma of the goat world because of their muscle mass and the really violent head-butting matches they get into over territory and females. They also live in some pretty difficult to survive places and can climb damn near anything. In terms of goats, they don’t get much more badass.”

The Ibex  is the worlds first pre-engineered, production based weld it yourself rock buggy chassis kit.  All tube kits are constructed from 100%  USA made1020 DOM steel, precision laser notched and NC mandrel bent right here in the Midwest.  Each tube is laser marked with individual part numbers and kits include full detailed instructions.  All chassis kits ship to you on a standard size pallet, ready to weld together.    The Ibex is 100% engineered and 3D CAD designed from the ground up with all factors considered:

  • Chassis rigidity, strength and minimal weight
  • Power-train placement, accessibility, and selection
  • Designed and built around front and rear anti-sway bars
  • Passenger placement and comfort
  • Optimal suspension geometry for desert racing, rock racing or crawling the most difficult obstacles.

Not every one has the time, tools and experience to build a rock buggy chassis that works out of the box.  The Ibex chassis kit has taken the trial and error, design and most of the hard work out of the equation.    Construction of an Ibex chassis kit is as simple as: measure and weld.  All of the tubes are laser notched and NC mandrel bent for a perfect fit,  just follow the provided instructions with the fixture kit, and all you need is a welder, grinder and tape measure.

Ibex Advantage:

  • Designed as a weld-it-yourself kit with all tubes, fixtures and detailed instructions
  • Easily shipped on a standard size pallet, perfect for export customers
  • Precision laser notched and NC mandrel bent insures that all Ibex chassis tubes and brackets are identical
  • Constructed of 100% USA made 1020 DOM steel, no HREW seamed tube here!  Mostly 1-3/4 x .120 with 1-1/2 x .120 gussets and diagonals.   Chromoly available as an upgrade.
  • 3D SolidWorks designed by real engineers with over 15 years of chassis and suspension design experience
  • All brackets and components are available to build a complete buggy, just add your parts
  • Complete suspension packages available, correct triangulated 4-link geometry front and rear, 110″ wheel base
  • Fits any brand 2.0 or 2.5 coil over or air shocks with optional air bump and dual shock/bypass mounts
  • 4-seat accepts a 40″ wide bench seat, our competitors chassis can only fit a 36″
  • Integrated sway bar design incorporates common Currie Antirock sway bars
  • All components are 1/8 and 3/16 hi grade 100 ksi yield XT 100 steel, this is not your typical A36 hot rolled P&O plate most manufacturers use for their brackets, XT 100 is 180% stronger than A36
  • The Ibex chassis was designed around common LS 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L truck engines in stock configuration using the stock intake and exhaust manifolds and oil pan, however; most any engine will fit
  • Fits 28 x 19 radiator, standard off the shelf radiator

The Ibex DIY chassis kit is a modular design available in a 2-seat or 4-seat version, each with 3 basic configurations.  The Ibex chassis is built in three sections, front, middle and back.  The 2 and 4 seat share the same front and middle sections but with a different back section so most Ibex components work on both.

Get all the details for each Chassis below:

2 Seat Ibex Tube Kit
4 Seat Ibex Tube Kit