IBEX Skid Plates 2016-10-26T12:50:48+00:00

The Ibex Skid Plate kit was designed to provide maximum protection for the belly of the Ibex Chassis.   The skid plate kit fully wraps the belly and rocker tubes protecting them from rock scrapes and dents while providing a smooth surface to slide over rocks and obstructions.    The 4-piece kit includes the belly skid, left and right side skids and  engine skid.  Key features of the belly skid plate kit are:

  • Constructed of high strength XT 100 1/8″ steel.  With the increased strength and  toughness of this steel, we were able to cut the thickness by half of what is commonly used, saving over 100 lbs!
  • All attachment bolts use 3/8 carriage bolts with a flat round head
  • Includes all weld tabs and hardware
  • Easily removable for service and repair
  • $499.95 for the full set