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The Ibex chassis kit was designed around this suspension package.  The Ibex triangulated 4-link suspension geometry has been refined over the years to provide optimum performance and handling whether you are flying across the desert or tackling the most difficult trail obstacles.  Available as a complete package or as individual components.  When using the complete package, the front and rear links are the same length.

  • All brackets are superior by design and construction.   Brackets are a boxed design where the shape and size give it strength then you can make it out of thinner material.   Our material is superior to any other aftermarket suspension brackets, constructed of high strength XT 100 steel.  XT 100 steel is 180% stronger that typical A36 HRPO plate most suspension bracket manufacturers use.   Because of the increased material strength and boxed design, we can make all the brackets out of  1/8″  or 3/16″  thick material and not 1/4″ and 3/8″ like typical chassis and bracket manufactures us,  to save weight and resist rock damage.
  • Upper and lower links feature heavy duty chromoly rod ends with stainless steel high misalignment spacers, hex threaded weld ends with left and right threads and grade 8 hardware
  • Lower links use 1″ rod ends with 1-1/4 threaded shanks,  2 x .250 DOM steel tube, 2-5/8 mounting width with9/16 bolts
  • Upper links use 3/4 rod ends with 7/8 threaded shanks.  1-3/8 x .188 DOM steel, 2.00 mounting width with 9/16 bolts
  • Upper control arm brackets feature 3 vertical adjustment holes to fine tune your anti-dive and anti-squat characteristics