Introducing the IBEX

Back in September I started a new company, Goat Built, Inc. First on the list of products is a production tube buggy kit, sort of a buggy in a box. I have had this idea is my head for a few years now, started the design over a year ago, and have been hitting the Solidworks hard the last two months. All the tubes are laser notched and bent, just make a fixture base (or not if you have a nice table), assemble and weld it together yourself (of course I can assemble and weld it if you would like). Putting it together yourself takes a lot of cost out and is easily shippable on a pallet, probably $200-$300 to most places.

This chassis is an all purpose dual sport trail rig. Suspension is set up for KOH type wheeling, works great in the rocks, great in the desert. Not an IFS desert car or rock comp rig, but the best you can do in between. Of course you can race it in KOH type races, but most of us are recreational wheelers and want a well thought out, affordable, comfortable trail rig. Here are some of the requirements I had:

GM LS truck engine
TH400 auto trans
Atlas 2 T-Case
fits standard D60/14b
40 tires
rear bench seat(or storage)
14-16″ travel coil overs
flat floor and firewall for ease of fabrication
sway bars front and rear
front mounted radiator
same front and rear control arms
same drive shaft front and rear/No CV joints
triangulated 4-link suspension front and rear
plenty of leg and head room

The chassis has been completely designed in SolidWorks, I have drawn every part, cycled and checked every thing for fitment. Here is the result:

Get ALL the details here >




  1. Just wanted to say,job well done on Extreme 4×4. For now I can only wish.

  2. Just finished your xtreme 4×4 episode and I must say, awesome! I always wondered when someone was going to embrace the old self jigging sand buggy kit for rock buggies. The bolt holes In the miter joints are a simple stroke of genius. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

  3. Chad Carruthers says:

    Love the idea of the “Buggy in a Box”! While watching you and Ian assemble the Ibex chassis, I was extremely impressed with how well thought-out your design was. The included frame-work templates and clamps are a great idea! Good job Goat!

  4. Dave Tilley says:

    I saw your “Buggy in a Box” on Extreme 4X4 and it’s great seeing someone bring their ideas to reality.
    I currently drive a very well used Sami on some of the most extreme trails in my area (VA/TN/KY) and I’m at the point where the body and current cage are in need of replacing. I would love to be able to take the very reliable drive train that I have and put it into a nice small light weight chassis. But, I remember the amount of tube I wasted building my current Exo cage and since I don’t build cages for a living I would probably waste even more trying to build a buggy.

    I’m wondering if you have any plans to design and offer a smaller chassis for us Sami/Toy guys. Not everyone needs a big V8 and Dana 60 axles to hit the trail with.

    Thanks in advance

    • Thanks for the comments Dave. I did not have plans to make a smaller buggy like you are looking for, but considering it now. I have been getting quite a bit of interest in that type of buggy lately. Stay tuned for a future project like that.

  5. Fred schmittle says:

    Verry nice set up need to know pric

  6. Michael Stewart says:

    Awesome setup on Extreme this weekend. I have a couple of ideas that could use your system for other applications. Feel free to contact me. Nice to still see great innovation here in the good Ole USA!

  7. Chad Collins says:

    Got to say I think this is worth every penny. Thinking of selling my rig just to buy one of these my self.

  8. George Christian says:

    I was looking at your buggies and I was really liking what I saw. I couldn’t find a price though. I’m interested in the ibex. A price list would be fantastic.


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