Introducing the IBEX

Back in September I started a new company, Goat Built, Inc. First on the list of products is a production tube buggy kit, sort of a buggy in a box. I have had this idea is my head for a few years now, started the design over a year ago, and have been hitting the Solidworks hard the last two months. All the tubes are laser notched and bent, just make a fixture base (or not if you have a nice table), assemble and weld it together yourself (of course I can assemble and weld it if you would like). Putting it together yourself takes a lot of cost out and is easily shippable on a pallet, probably $200-$300 to most places.

This chassis is an all purpose dual sport trail rig. Suspension is set up for KOH type wheeling, works great in the rocks, great in the desert. Not an IFS desert car or rock comp rig, but the best you can do in between. Of course you can race it in KOH type races, but most of us are recreational wheelers and want a well thought out, affordable, comfortable trail rig. Here are some of the requirements I had:

GM LS truck engine
TH400 auto trans
Atlas 2 T-Case
fits standard D60/14b
40 tires
rear bench seat(or storage)
14-16″ travel coil overs
flat floor and firewall for ease of fabrication
sway bars front and rear
front mounted radiator
same front and rear control arms
same drive shaft front and rear/No CV joints
triangulated 4-link suspension front and rear
plenty of leg and head room

The chassis has been completely designed in SolidWorks, I have drawn every part, cycled and checked every thing for fitment. Here is the result:

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