IBEX 2-Seat Complete Kit


Complete Ibex chassis kit with almost every part we make for it.   Save big on shipping by purchasing a complete kit since complete kits ship for free

See below for the parts that are included.

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IBEX 2-Seat Complete Kit

  • Includes 1102 Full Tube Kit
  • Fixture Kit
  • New suspension subframe incorporates all 8 chassis link mounts into one super strong sheet metal structure with transmission crossmember
  • All 16 suspension link rod ends, featuring massive 1-1/4 thread x 1″ bore chromoly rod end, stainless steel high misalignment spacers, jam nuts, hex weld bungs and 5/8 grade 8 link bolt hardware
  • All chassis Shock Mounts
  • Full Skid plates, 1/8 high strength steel
  • Front winch Mount
  • Floor/Fire Wall panel with orbital and master cylinder mount
  • Dash Kit
  • Seat Mounts
  • LS or other optional Engine Mounts
  • Transmission and Atlas mount
  • Hood and body side panels
  • Engine side panels
  • Roof
  • Fuel tank, fill plate and fuel tank mount
  • Battery mount
  • Front and rear recovery mounts
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Brake pedal and master cylinders
  • Full kits include free shipping to the lower 48 to a commercial address or local terminal

With the purchase of the complete kit, you will need to add the following parts to complete your Ibex build, we can provide many of the needed components

  • Engine: we recommend an LS based GM V-8, but just about any engine will fit, we offer mounts for traditional small block Ford and Chevy
  • Transmission: we recommend a GM Th400 or similar GM automatic
  • Transfer case:  Atlas T-case are the most common, but just about any T-case will fit.  We can provide an Atlas T-case in the right configuration for your application
  • Front and Rear axles:  just about any full width solid axle, common are Dana 60 front and 14 bolt rear.  Driver or Passenger drop front axles work
  • Radiator: we have spec Griffin radiator with dual electric fans that fits out brackets perfectly
  • Coil Over shocks:  We recommend and sell Fox Racing shocks, we have the valving and springs tuned for optimal ride and handling right out of the box
  • Full Hydro steering:  we have a complete PSC kit with all the right parts spec’d
  • Brake Lines:  We also offer a complete brake line kit
  • Fuel Line:  We also offer a complete fuel system with all the right adapter for your LS engine to your GM in-tank pump
  • Seats:  Add a package deal on PRP seats and harnesses to your Ibex chassis
  • Gauges and wiring: we have clean simple chassis wiring harness
  • Exhaust: We offer a complete mandrel bent exhaust kit, made to fit GM Truck exhaust manifolds
  • Driveshafts:  We offer driveline kits with all the right parts machined for thick wall tube

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